Cool Ideas

Beat the Summer Heat in Style

With temperatures soaring, dressing stylish without overheating can be a real challenge Chances are, by the time you leave your air conditioned haven and arrive at your destination, either your outfit or comfort level has suffered. Here, we'll offer some style solutions that look great and help you stay cool.

Summer In Style
  • Send your jeans packing. This one might hurt a little, but you'll thank us in the long run. While jeans are usually a wardrobe staple, they simple don't work well in the summer. Denim is a heavy material, and it doesn't offer any ventilation. Instead, try a lightweight jegging that breathes a little better, or a chambray shirt or skirt to get your denim fix.
  • Layer up. If you're going to be out all day, it's important to plan ahead and dress for both the warmest and coolest part of the day. That way, you can add and remove layers as needed for maximized comfort and style. For example, wear a sundress with a lightweight cardigan and you'll get the most out of your wardrobe.
  • Go to the maxi:. There's a reason maxi dresses are just about everywhere this season. They are comfortable, stylish, and best of all, summer heat-friendly. Plus, you can dress them or down so they work well for just about any summer soiree. Pair them with flip flops for a daytime look, and then add some chunky jewelry and a pair of wedges to take your look into the summer night.
  • Lighten up. Dark colors attract and retain heat, so steer clear of black, gray, and all things dark (or at the very least use sparingly). On the flip side, light colors like pinks, yellows, greens, and classic whites will help keep you cool and on trend. Try a mix of colors for a decidedly cool effect—in more ways than one!
  • Show some toe. Wearing clunky shoes that cover your whole foot will inevitably make your body temperature rise, and forget altogether any shoe that requires wearing socks! Let your feet take in the summer breeze with peep toe wedges, strappy sandals, and good old fashioned flip flops.
  • Go natural. Artificially created fabrics are your enemy in the summer. They trap moisture and heat, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and looking wilted. So ditch the synthetic and select clothes made of cotton, linen and silk. We like mixing and matching the material, like a blousy silk top with crisp, cotton shorts.