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Fashion Rules You Should Break

Some rules were meant to be broken—especially when it comes to fashion. Now this doesn’t mean you should start pairing plaids with stripes, but it never hurts to loosen up when it comes to your personal style. Read on to see which outdated fashion rules you should throw to the wayside.

  • Wearing white after Labor Day: This archaic rule has no doubt been drilled into your fashion mantra by your mother and grandmother, but these days you are free to wear white year round. The idea that you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day initially started in early 1900s as a status symbol, for those who could change their wardrobe by season, and it stubbornly stuck. Lucky for you, not only is winter white now allowed, it’s absolutely encouraged.
  • Wearing tights with open toe shoes: Okay, now we’re not talking the nude tights with visible toe lines a la your middle school lunch lady. But it’s extremely fashion forward to pair opaque tights with a peep toe or strappy shoe.
  • Wearing brown and black together: While wearing black dress shoes with brown socks is still a no-no, it’s okay to proceed with caution when breaking this age old rule. The key is to make one color the star of your outfit, with the other playing a supporting role. For example, wearing an all-black dress with a brown belt and brown flats is simply chic.
  • Matching your handbags with your shoes: This old rule is outdated and boring! We hereby give you permission to mix and match when it comes to your accessories. Whether it’s a pop of color via your handbag, or an inspired print on your shoe, there is no need to make sure one matches the other—just make sure they are complimentary.