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Purge Your Closet for the New Year

The New Year is all about having a fresh start, and what better place to start than your closet? It's time to stop holding on to those pieces you never wear, and make way for new beginnings in your wardrobe. Now we know it’s tough getting rid of your precious clothes—right down to those hideous harem pants you bought on a whim, or that calico dress you got for Christmas three years ago. That’s why we’re here with some much-needed support and advice. Read on for the purging tips you need to follow, and in no time you’ll be ready to fill your closet back up with current pieces that make you look and feel great.

If it doesn’t fit get rid of it: Sure, we know part of your New Year’s resolution is to drop a couple pounds, but you need to set realistic goals when it comes to what clothes you are keeping. If a pair of jeans hasn’t fit in five years, it’s time to let go and embrace your new figure. Besides, who needs a reminder that they gained 10 pounds every time they get dressed? You’ll be amazed at how good you feel when every single item in your wardrobe fits properly.

Try your clothes on: This goes hand in hand with step 1. Don’t just eyeball a piece of clothing and assume it fits. If it’s been more than three months since you wore any given article of clothing, try it on. The New Year is all about moving forward, so it’s time to face your fears. If something doesn’t fit, that’s okay!

Keep what you wear: Okay, so it fits. Now what? Go through each remaining piece, and ask yourself if it’s really on point with your style or the current trends. Don’t keep something just because it fits. If it’s not cute, not flattering, or not in style, then it’s got to go. Once again, you’ll be surprised how fun it is getting dressed again when everything not only fits, but looks stylish too!

Don’t get emotionally attached: After all, they are just clothes. Whether you have trouble purging because you spent money on it, it reminds you of an important event, or any other reason, you have to cut the ties. You’re doing yourself, and your personal style, a disservice by clinging onto clothes. Just picture how good you will feel when you donate those clothes to someone in need.

Evaluate the condition: Nothing is more painful than getting a rip or stain on your favorite top. However, if it’s not fixable, then you need to toss it in the garbage. There’s no point taking up precious space in your closet with something that is ruined.

Will you actually wear it? So your clothing passed all the above tests. Now ask yourself: Will I actually wear this? If the answer is no, then donate it to someone who will. Perhaps encourage your friends to purge their closets, and having a clothing exchange party for all the items that fall into this category.