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Celeb-Worthy Beauty Tips

Have you ever envied the flawless looks of Hollywood’s A-listers? From stunning makeup to perfectly groomed hair, it seems these leading ladies never have a bad day. The truth is, when armed with the right beauty products and tricks of the trade, anyone can create their own star style. Read on for drool-worthy tips, and what products you need to add to your own beauty bag.

Flawless Foundation:
Picking out the right foundation is just about the most important thing you can do you for your makeup collection. Lucky for you, the Bare Escentuals Get Started kit is a no brainer. You’ll get a natural, flawless result every time—leave the caked-on look and visible makeup lines behind, ladies. Plus, it uses only the finest quality ingredients that perfect and pamper your collection. Believe it or not, this makeup is so pure you can actually sleep in it!

Amp up your eyes:
Take your glam factor to the next level with a MAC Cosmetics shopping spree. When it comes to eye makeup, we recommend you play with color, and no one has a better selection than MAC. For a daytime look, keep it on the conservative side and stick to neutrals like creams, browns, greens, and even dusty pinks. You don’t want to overwhelm your face with makeup—especially under the fluorescent glow of your office lighting! But when it’s time to hit happy hour (or date night), we love the idea of incorporating a little flash. Give yourself a sexy, smoky look with charcoal shadow. Or, choose a pop of color such as a bright purple for a modern, playful look. The great thing about MAC shadows is that they are full of pigments, so they apply evenly and blend well. Complete the look with eyeliner and mascara, which will help define and open up your eyes. Just remember if you’re going for a bold eye, keep your lip color minimal with a neutral gloss.

Pucker up:
While bold red lips are the trend du jour, we think nothing beats a pretty pink pout. Sure – red lips bring drama to a red carpet, but does that really fit into your real-world life? That’s why we love Trish McEvoy’s Instant Pick-Me-Up Lips. It’s the perfect bright pink lip tint that goes on glossy, then adapts to lips as a long-wearing stain. The result is effortless beauty that you don’t have to worry about wearing off and having to reapply.