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Top 5 Beauty Mistakes

Listen up, ladies! There's no question that makeup can be a miracle worker: When applied correctly, it can takes years off your face, highlight your best features, and make you look fresh faced and awake. However, bad makeup can have just the opposite effect, so it's important you keep these common mistakes out of your beauty routine.

Top 5 Beauty Mistakes
  1. The more makeup, the better: When it comes to makeup, less is definitely more. Whether you are layering on the foundation, eye shadow, or lipstick, too much makeup can make you appear older and draw attention to the wrong spots. Caked-on foundation often settles into fine lines, and overdone eyes will take away from your natural beauty.
    Our tip: Play up your best feature, and apply lightly everywhere else.
  2. Mismatched foundation: Perhaps no makeup mistake draws more negative attention than that telltale line where your foundation ends and your real skin color begins. While it's tempting to go a shade or two darker to achieve a sun-kissed look, the result will be cheap and fake looking.
    Our tip: Test the foundation color against your skin to make sure it blends. Brush on a light layer of bronzer to get your desired glow.
  3. Skipping the moisturizer: Whether you realize it or not, moisturizer is just about the most important thing in your beauty bag. Not only will it keep your skin looking youthful and help fend off fine lines, it will make your makeup blend better on your skin.
    Our tip: Apply a moisturizer with SPF before applying your makeup in the morning, and use another moisturize with anti-aging ingredients after washing your face at night.
  4. Overly penciled eyebrows: Many people don't realize the difference a perfectly groomed eyebrow can make. When done right, they can enhance your entire face and make you appear polished. However, overly tweezed and drawn in eyebrows are just plain tacky—and you aren't fooling anyone!
    Our tip: Get them shaped by a professional, and use a waxy powder instead of the pencil to fill in where needed.
  5. Bad blush: When people use the wrong color blush, or apply it in the wrong spot, it can appear harsh and even clown-like. Choose colors that are soft and sheer, and apply them lightly along your cheekbone—not the apples of your cheeks as commonly believed.
    Our tip: Fair-skinned people should avoid browns and go for rosy tones. Pinks and peaches look great on medium tones. Corals corals and berries work well on darker complexions.