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Put Your Summer Garden in Bloom

Summer is the perfect time of year to sit back, relax in the sunny weather, and enjoy a lush and fruitful garden. Here, find tips on how to keep your greens watered without doubling your water bill, what plants thrive in the summer heat, and just a few simple additions to turn your boring backyard into an inviting escape.

Summer Garden
  • Water with care: Keeping your garden at optimal moisture level can be tricky—and pricey—in the drying summer heat. Start by arming yourself with the right tools—a traditional garden hose and nozzle is actually the least efficient, because much of the water is lost as mist. Try a soaker hose or sprinkler wand instead. Avoid the common mistake of over-watering, and stick to the rule of thumb that most lawns require just one inch of water per week. Not only will over-watering drive up your water bill, it will drown your plants as well. You can always buy a tool to gauge moisture, or simply poke a screwdriver into the soil—the more resistance, the drier the soil. Finally, water in the morning using cool water. This will allow for absorption before the heat begins to evaporate the moisture, and cool water is just better for your plants.
  • Plant by season: It’s a no brainer that you should stick to vegetables and flowers that do well at high heats. For vegetables, stick to cucumbers, green beans, and tomatoes. Additionally, most herbs do well in the summer. Consider a themed garden, such as a pizza garden, and plant oregano, basil, tomatoes, and peppers. For flowers, perennials like aster flowers are perfect for summer. The daisy-like blooms thrive in heat, and add pops of lavender, pink, or white. Another great bloomer for summer is the dahlia. The bright orange and red blooms embrace the high temperatures, and will add an eye-catching touch to any garden.
  • Add some ambiance: After working hard to keep your summer garden blooming, you deserve to enjoy it! Make it entertainment—friendly by adding a few brightly colored lawn chairs to compliment your colorful blooms. Hanging a string of lanterns and a fire pit makes it the perfect setting for a nighttime gathering. Or, place a hammock in the shade and treat yourself to a lazy summer day in your own backyard.