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Make Your Own Pet Chew Toys

Chew toys are an excellent way to keep your pet occupied, exercised—and most importantly—away from your favorite pair of heels. But with plush toys and rawhide bones averaging $8 to $10 at your local pet supply store, pet playtime can quickly get costly. Not to mention, it’s always a gamble to find out which toy will survive your pet’s playful bite, and which will be destroyed in minutes. That’s why we recommend you follow these easy tips to make your own chew toys.

Dog chewing

Kitchen Towel Braids:
Requires: 1 old kitchen towel
Put your old kitchen towels to use! Cut two slits lengthwise, making sure each strip is about the same width, and stop cutting about an inch from the top. Then braid the towel, knot the loose ends, and enjoy a toy that is tougher and cheaper than what they sell in stores. Note: For a tougher or longer toy, try using old jeans.

Milk Carton Fun:
Requires: 1 empty milk carton and treats
Put some dog treats inside an empty cardboard milk carton. Close it and poke a few small holes at the ends, large enough for the food to fall out (but small enough that it gives your dog a challenge). Your pooch will bite and scratch and throw around that bottle until the last treat has fallen out, which could take hours. To increase or decrease the challenge, vary the size of the holes.

Garden Hose Fetch:
Requires: 1 piece of old garden hose and 1 small stick
This one is perfect for hours of outdoor exercise playing fetch and catch. Take a section of garden hose and put a 3-inch long piece of branch in one end, making sure if fits snugly. Curve the hose around and put the open end over the exposed piece of branch. For some added fun, cover it with nylon and it turns into an instant flying disc.

Dog chewing shoes

Fun Glove:
Requires: 1 old glove and string
This one is for the felines, and it gives you something to do with those gloves that have lost their matching partner. Simply sew a piece of string onto the fingers of an old glove. Put on the glove and dangle it above your cat, wiggling your fingers. Your cat will love trying to catch the moving strings.

Wrestle Bag:
Requires: Catnip, old sock, and a grocery bag
Stuff a plastic grocery bag and a tablespoon of organic catnip into an old sock. Tie off the sock’s open end, and leave the string long so you can dangle it in front of your cat. He or she will be instantly attracted to the cat nip, and will love the crackling noise the sock makes when they go after it.

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